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My White Trash Picture Learnin' Book

August 25, 2015

I was thinking about writing an irreverent picture book. Here's the start of it. I would appreciate any comments, threats, suggestions, thoughts.  Thanks to both of you ahead of time. J.J.



By Karrielynn Jackson


This is my White Trash Picture Learnin' Book and I am six and I have two brothers and 1 sister and none of 'em knowd as much as me.


There are 4 things on the kitchen counter an one of  'em is dead.

The others you kin eat.

If Becky et one and Joshua et another, and the dead one is still dead, how many do you got left?

Answer: One-that ain't dead.


Animal Sounds

Neighbor's dogs go Bark, Bark, Bark and don't never goddamn shut up.

Cats go Purr, Purr, Purr 'cept when your daddy throwd them off a bridge in a pillowcase.

Armadillers are for hittin' with the truck and don't say nothin'.

Hogs squeal Oink, Oink, Oink and r hard as hell to trap.



Fun Facts


If you hang meat from a rope and tell a Pit Bull to go on and chomp on it, that Pit Bull will jump up and chomp on it and never let go of it, lest you tell 'em to let go. They'll just hang there till they die.


Momma's Ecernomics

1. You send the check you wrote to pay the power company to the phone company.

2. You send the check you wrote to pay the phone company to the power company.

By the time they send 'em back and say you mixed 'em up, you done got your paycheck to pay 'em anyways.



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